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slideshow-engravingEngraving (with Marie-Josée Roy): The works listed in the Artwork > Roy-Prieur section are pieces that Marie-Josée Roy has conceptualized and executed and afterwards Jérôme has embellished and enhanced.

For works listed in the Artwork > Prieur-Roy section, Jérôme has isolated the imagery, Marie-Josée has created the piece and afterwards Jérôme finished the piece by engraving on it. The works are always made on aluminum, brass, copper or steel.

In early 2018, Prieur began adding a new dimension to his paintings and drawings. His new works include engraved acrylic panels that cover the painting, much like a glass frame. Prieur reinvents this classic framing method by adding engraved details onto the acrylic, which then become part of the piece.

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