Some of my favorite Canadian links; great talents that should be visited, supported, and known. Listed in alphabetical order.

Absolute Underground

"The scum also rises". Absolute underground is a punk, hardcore and metal magazine from Western Canada.

Susanne Apgar

Montreal artist Susanne Apgar challenges us through her exploration of issues that include biological research and genetic manipulation… to what extremes we will go to thwart the inevitability of our mortality, and what are the consequences and motivations behind such actions? Her work is beautifully executed, striking, and thought-provoking.


Great Calgary based metal band. One of my best finds. I am a huge fan of their work!

Trevor Browne

Illustrator and artist, Trevor Browne has quickly established himself in the Montreal art scene with his distinctive style.

Carnival Diablo

A genuine Canadian circus troupe. If Carnival Diablo passes through your town, make a difference in your day! Creepy and sickening good times. You won’t believe it!


Unique vintage items for less, great finds!


Citizen shift is an interactive web site that serves to make the NFB even more accessible to emerging filmmakers, individuals and communities in Canada.

Grant Cunningham

The work of Grant Cunningham is addictive. His art is a toxic, bold, and humoristic view of the world he lives in. Truly a visionary painter.

Demonika Clothing

Clothes and wearable goods, made with pride and rage. Hand produced, not mass produced!

Digital Darkness

Photography with a tasteful darker twist. Adventurous and off beat with a Goth influenced.


Divinity is THE up and coming Calgary metal band. Visit the site, see them live, and you will know what I mean. Just make sure you remember the name…While you visit their site, click on for a deeper look into the Alberta metal scene.

Shaun Downey

Canadian painter Shaun Downey... Haunting imagery, executed with force.

Francois Escalmel

Hyper realistic painter, Francois Escalmel juxtapose existing elements and turn them into complete surrealist visions. Sometimes bizarre and strange, his art does not go unnoticed. Very strong and amazing work. Mille fois bravo!

Peter Ferguson

There is something about this painter’s work…Not sure what it is, but please enjoy and drift off while contemplating his pieces in awe as much as I do.

Grand Unified Theories

Fantastic site!

Head Quarters gallery and boutique

Great little gallery boutique from Montreal that promotes emerging and established artists: something for all tastes, including art, vintage, books, and more.

Nikki Henderson

Nikki Henderson's refined sense of design exudes a quiet Zen. Her work is clean, transitional and eloquent.

Em Hunter

Em Hunter’s painstaking and exquisite works offer social commentary through surrealism and portrayal of popular culture. Her sheer figurative talent and use of color coupled with flawless composition provide stunning contemporary work.

Jeffery E.R.C. Kincaellan

The craziest chef I know… You try making this stuff out of sugar!

Lesbians on ecstasy

Not all girls like to play with dolls. As good live as they are on disc, the LOE are coming to a club near you soon! Talented kick-ass performers, they are not just a band, they are an experience.

Maya Kulenovic

Maya Kulenovic gives her subjects many voices. The psychological and cultural implications reach beyond the individual and extend to the viewer. A master painter that engages her subjects and their viewers through the overt and the subtle.

Sophia Male

Multi-talented Sophia Male is a filmmaker, artist and journalist (and a natural snake handler/charmer!). Check out Democracy 4 Dummies, as socially relevant works are our responsibility to view. When you are done, make sure you view her paintings. Soothing and beautifully executed.

Dayna McLeod

Sex is art and Dayna knows how to deliver. From video, art and performance, her commentary is razor sharp!


Oldbury, a band from Alberta that will rock you! I did the artwork for their promotions. Support Canadian rock!

Kristi Ropeleski

A re-interpretation of sub-cultural identities that challenges viewer perceptions. Sexuality and gender are forthright in her paintings. Ropeleski extends the boundaries of portraiture, stripping away the defenses and honoring the individual.

Marie-Josée Roy

Metal turned into art. Beyond the expected, her art is a new approach to this cold medium. Magnifique!

Derek Stefanuk

Derek’s work is marked by its perfection of composition and execution. His zen-like capture of urban images through abstracted glimpses and reflections creates a meditative quality belying a maturity rare for a young artist.

Heidi Taillefer

Wow. Seriously… check her out. WOW!

The Adventures of Hannah

Calgary author done good. Publisher/author of the Dentist and the Tooth Fairy, a modern fairy tale of love, lust, secrecy and revenge. Beautifully illustrated by Jerome Prieur. The first of many collaborations between 2 talented young artists.

The Way of Munkaspeni

Deranged, deliberate, twisted, sick and boundless. Munkaspeni is a crude and shameless artist. Your devil-horned inner child can become a member of the cult of Munkaspeni. Absorb his artistic visions and hang on and enjoy the ride!

Pierre Tremblay

Montreal based photographer/filmmaker, Pierre Tremblay, takes the profance and makes it sacred through his stills and film.

Scotty Waters

MistahD (Scotty Waters). Upcoming urban artist who is probably sitting on my couch as you read this. A great fusion of urban-comic-graffiti.

Scott Waters

Toronto based artist Scott Waters produces jaw dropping works of art. In-your-face thematic executed with finesse… a painter that will go far… very far. The “Hero book” series is worth the worship.

Darcy J. Watt

Darcy J. Watt produces what I see as being "fluid figurative" work. Darcy presents socially scathing commentaries in a variety of mediums. I could be more verbose, but I will just say that I really enjoy his work and encouage you to take the time to investigate it on your own.

Other favorites from outside Canada:

Scott G. Brooks

All I can say is "genius". A term I reserve for the few.


Known as the artist behind KMFDM’s record covers yet he has much more to offer!

Cella Gallery

Cella is an excellent North Hollywood project, and they are my agents in Hollywood. I am proud to hang next to so many amazing talents.

Gallery Anthony Curtis

A great gallery, and my representatives in Boston. You will find my work alongside some fantastic talents


Hugh Herrera, a music lover and great supporter of the arts.

Scott Hocking

Mind blowing.

Franciszek C. Kulon

An American artist whose work is political, controversial, and from the heart. I respect the boldness of what he is doing and admire the man that has chosen to do it.

La Luz de Jesus

La Luz De Jesus is an outstanding gallery and it is one of the best American galleries for art lovers. Internationally recognized, this gallery brings you the ultimate in arts.


Not all art hangs on your wall…

Chris Mars

Chris Mars’s work is beyond art. There are no other ways to describe him. Completely mind blowing.

Night gallery ceramics

Night gallery ceramics is a dark place with dark works. On the other hand, this Santa Ana gallery offers and delivers the best in all mediums. From ceramics to original artwork, a perfect sanctuary for the daring art lover in you that appreciates such beauty.

Angus Oblong

Brilliant social commentary, twisted sense of humor, and from what I can see little or no boundaries. A funny man producing funny art.

Pipilotti Rist

Internationally known artist whose work I admire.

Reseau Art Nouveau Network

All you need to know about the art nouveau art and architectural movement.

Mark Ryden


Isabel Samaras

Bitchin’ Devil Babe, who pop culture fucks her subjects in the most sublime and gorgeous way. Definitely worthy of your worship.

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